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If you have experienced sexual assault/abuse at anytime in your life, you’re welcome to book in with one of our team. We can provide a safe and supportive space to:
• Discuss health concerns related to the assault/abuse with a health care provider
• Talk with a Social Worker to assess support systems
• Ask question about sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
• Be tested for STI’s and pregnancy
• Provide emergency contraception (ECP), HIV prevention (PEP) and STI treatment
• Provide a medical exam (if you’d like one)


If you have been strangled or suffocated by a family member or partner, you may be eligible for a non-emergency health assessment (NFSS).

We work closely with the local family harm teams to ensure that you are safe, well supported and healthy.

What can you expect from us?
We will give you expert advice about:
• The short and long term affects of strangulation
• Aftercare (taking care of yourself after a strangulation)


We can also:
• Complete an ACC45 for support of ongoing care
• Make referrals for additional care, if needed
• Provide a medical certificate, if needed
• Coordinate care with your GP, if requested
• Provide detailed notes for court, if required

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