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Sexual Harm Services

If you have experienced any form of sexual violence, you are welcome to book a visit with our team.

If you have been recently affected by sexual violence or have experienced sexual harm at any time in your past, we can provide a safe space to:

  • Discuss health concerns with a doctor, nurse, or nurse practitioner

  • Ask questions about sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

  • Be tested for STI’s and pregnancy

  • Provide emergency contraception (ECP) and STI treatments

  • Provide a medical exam if you would like one

Medical Support

Our clinical team has had specialist training in sexual harm and trauma care. We are here to support you with advice, information, treatment and referral options.  We can lodge an ACC claim for you and collaborate with other healthcare providers on your behalf.

Social Work Support

Our Social Workers are trained in supporting survivors of sexual harm.  They are here to support you through your visit with the clinical team. The Social Worker will meet with you to ensure that you have the needed support systems in place. They can:

  • Assist you with the ACC process

  • Make a referral for longer term support if needed

  • Provide you with information for funded/private counselling

  • Help you navigate further services if needed

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